Most frequent questions and answers

Please ensure you check the small things like whether or not your Caps Lock or Num Lock is switched on or of and that you have in fact got the correct credentials for your Bidsa account

If you have successfully registered, then the only thing you still need to do is activate your account and this can be done with the email confirmation you’ll receive from us. If you don’t see our mail, then please check your spam folder as your service provider will often mark new unknown senders as spam until you specify otherwise.

Also be aware of simple typos. It might be that you simply misspelt your address which can also cause you not to get your activation email. Other things like internet connectivity may also cause your inbox to not update, so please bear this in mind. If you still don’t get your mail, you can always reregister and if you have tried all of the above, still to no avail, then please pop us a mail at online@bidsa.co.za so we can have a look for you.

Luckily this is very easily done, simply navigate your way to our home page, click the ‘Login button’ and then click the ‘Forgotten/ reset password’ button. You will be asked to enter the email address you singed up with and after you have done so will receive a mail with instructions on how to reset your password. Please just ensure you add us to your safe senders list otherwise our comms might end up in your junk mail.

Often times due to either the nature of the lots you are bidding on or due to auctioneer policy or sometimes even legal requirement, you need to pay a deposit to be able to bid on a lot you are interested in. Please just take very careful note: Deposits are paid straight to the auctioneer and never to Bidsa. Bidsa is only the platform facilitating the auction and doesn’t directly deal with the deposits you make to the auctioneer’s bank account. Any disputes need to be queried directly with the auctioneer.

You can find all the relevant details of the auctioneer and their deposit and payment instructions in each of the auctions they are running. Simply navigate your way to the ‘Essential information’ button and click to find the relevant details.

You will always pay your deposit directly to the auctioneer and never to Bidsa. The auctioneer is the auction house running the auction on the given date and time. You will see all of their details including their name, company details, location etc when you click the ‘Essential information’ button. Under this button you will also find all their specific applicable details and instructions they need from you. If you are unsure of anything at all you can also see their contact details there and are more than welcome to contact them or us (Bidsa) to clarify anything for you.

Any questions about refunds can be made directly with the auctioneer, details of which you can find by clicking the ‘Essential Information’ button on the auction you are bidding on/interested in. Bidsa never directly take any deposits and therefore can never issue refunds which means queries around refunds always remains a matter between you and the registered auctioneer.

Your deposit will be held by your auctioneer, full details of which can be found by clicking the ‘Essential Information’ button on the auction listing. If you are successful in your bid then your deposit will be offset against the final total amount which will include all applicable taxes and charges.

If you are not successful in your bid then your deposit will be returned to you. Please just take note that Bidsa never directly take any deposits and therefore can never issue refunds which means queries around refunds always remains a matter between you and the registered auctioneer.

This will most likely mean that you still need to fill in a couple of details in order to start or keep bidding. Simply log in to your account, click the ‘My Settings’ button at the top right and ensure you have completed all the required fields. If you have completed all the fields and you are still getting an error, please drop us a line at online@bidsa.co.za and let us help you out.

This will most likely mean that the auctioneer running the auction requires additional details from you due to their own internal policy, due diligence or for legal requirements. This is of course nothing to worry about, you can simply head to the auction you want to bid on, click the ‘Essential Information’ button, find their contact details and ask them directly what additional information they need from you.

In most cases they will most likely contact you first, but in order to avoid delays in your biding it is best to get in touch with them sooner rather than later.

If this happens then please get in touch with the auctioneer running the auction, details of which can be found under the ‘Essential Information’ button.

This simply means your ‘Buy it now’ action was successful, and you will shortly receive an email with your invoice and further details and instruction from the auctioneer running the auction with regards to payment and collection.

This notification means that no further bidding can be made on this lot and if you were the highest bidder or your offer was accepted or your buy it now was successful then you will shortly receive a mail with further instruction. If you do not receive such a confirmation email within 48 hours, then you can safely assume you have not won the lot.

When this happens it simply means you are now the highest bidder and if no one out bids you then you will win the lot when it closes and by extension become the buyer. If this is good news for you then good luck but if you have since changed your mind and you no longer wish to bid on it then you need to cancel your bid as soon as possible.

Remember, when the auction closes the highest bidder wins the lot and will become liable for payment and removal of it so if you don’t wish to follow though with your bid then we highly suggest you cancel yours as soon as you get this mail.

Nothing to stress or worry about. When you have won, and all the necessary admin has been completed you will receive further detail and instruction directly from the auctioneer running the auction. In most cases this will be done via email but sometimes also via mobile or telephone so please take care in ensuring mails from the auctioneer does not go into you spam folder and also ensure you have mobile reception so as not to miss calls from them.